Choosing The Right Browser For Your Computer

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If I make a survey about which browser you think is the best, for sure most people will say Google Chrome. There is no doubt about Google Chrome’s performance. I myself say it’s one of or if not the fastest web browser there is. But of course, even Google Chrome has its flaws. Based on my experience, Chrome eats up a lot of RAM. I’m not a techy person or an IT, but if you check your task manager, you’ll get what I’m talking about. I own a netbook; Windows 7 Starter, 32-bit with a 2GB RAM and has no video card. It’s not the best laptop, so the best web browser is not fit for my netbook. I did some research about lightweight web browsers. I found a lot, but also found out that more of them are out-dated and it doesn’t support most websites. I found 6 web browsers that you might want to consider using or stop using.

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