What You Can Use To Help You Focus

That’s what I need right now, now that school has begun.
I’m one of those people that gets easily distracted. I get distracted by so many things—I get distracted by hunger, the rainbow, cold room temperature, the music I’m listening to, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr—I can name so many. That’s how easily distracted I can be. So distracted that I only get to study 1/4 of the time that I really allotted for studying. I end up cramming the next day, and I don’t even get to finish everything.
In my course, reading is a must. There’s no day that I will not have to read or do something. Not to mention, I also have organization secretary duties to fulfill. This really requires me to really focus so that I can finish my work faster and better, giving me time to rest properly.
I listed down the things that distracts me most and thought of ways to help me focus more.

Pulling Off An All Nighter

     As a college student,I know how it feels to fight sleepiness. I know how it feels to stay up late at night because you have so many handouts to read, so many requirements to finish, and so many exams to study for. Problem is, we’re human beings and our body is required to sleep in order to charge and regenerate the cells in the body. In english, that means, we need to sleep.
     I’m not saying that sleep is the enemy. In pulling off an all-nighter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have 0% sleep. All you need to do is to budget your time, eat right, and drink right.