Starvation Diet Never Works…For Me At Least

Well, it’s been a long time since I last wrote an entry and I realized that my blog’s starting to die because of that. I thought it’s just about time that I write again. Thing is, I had no idea what to write about. Anybeans, I thought of writing about my “diet” or let’s say, my way of “living healthy”.

In my opinion, the whole crash or starvation diet thing is not—and is never—a good thing.

Back in high school, I used to be a chubby little girl. Reason for this was because I would eat a loaf of bread in one sitting while watching my favorite cartoons late at night. I’d also drink a lot of coffee (reason why I stay up late to watch TV). I’d eat a bowl of rice for dinner. See where I’m getting at? Back in high school, I was not really mindful of what I am eating. I weighted around 110 pounds (mind you that my height is just 4’9, so my BMI was close to being overweight).

In college, I decided to join the cheerleading team. I didn’t know it was going to require a lot of weight losing. My coach wanted me to become a flyer (the ones they throw and lift), but because of my weight, he just made me a dancer. I was required to lose 20 pounds before the competition. Meaning, from 110 lbs, I have to be 90 lbs. Of course I lost weight, but that’s because my coach asks me to pay 100 pesos every week I gain or not lose weight. So yeah, I’m not gonna pay him shit just because of my weight, so might as well just do lose.

I tried all kinds of diets just for that. And most of them involved starving myself. NOW, I’m here to tell you guys why what I did was a bad idea—a REALLY bad idea.

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