Visit To The National Museum Of The Philippines

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The National Museum of the Philippines was established in 1901 as history and ethnographic museum in the Philippines. It is the official repository located at P.Burgos St., Manila; right next to Rizal Park.

There are 2 buildings in this museum. First is the National Art Gallery. There are 11 rooms in this building. This building is where the famous paintings and sculptures are preserved. Most of the art works in these building are historic. The second building is the Museum of the Filipino People. This building consists of the anthropological and archaeological things.

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Dancing With The Stars

Last Monday (April 15, 2013), AB Dance Synergy together with CASA Footworks and some Juvenile Dance Crew members were hired to dance for Pediatrica’s Ceelinphony of Music. We were asked to blend in with the guests and create a flash mob that will promote the new product of Ceelin.