Life After Love


Before this month ends, I’d like to share a very personal and lengthy post. I promise that it’s a good read, my beloved readers. So… Welcome to the first installment (out of three) of my Love related posts today. 🙂 In this Post-LTR Blues, I talk about a few stages that a person from a Long Term Relationship experiences once it ends. On my next post, I’ll be able to properly explain my rationale for these Love related posts, but for now, I hope you enjoy reading this one~ 😀

I’ve learned the hard way that no matter how picture perfect a couple and their relationship may seem, there will always be nooks and crannies that only the couple can see. A relationship between two hearts should only involve those two. Not the whole world. They should have no one to answer to but themselves and their partner. A relationship…

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Reasons Why I Don’t Want To Date My Best Friend

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Have you ever experienced being teased by people about you and your guy best friend? How they always make a fuss about the two of you being too close and how you guys are always hanging out? How they say that you two look cute together and you should date? Worse is that they mistake you for being a couple rather than being just friends—best of friends. Well, there is a thin line between love and friendship when it comes to guy best friends, for me at least.

You know how we experience a different kind of fun with our guy best friends; so much different from the kind of fun we get with our lady best friends? How conversations with him are different with your lady friends? Well, that’s the reason why I’m best friends with a guy. I’m not best friends with him because I like him in a romantic way.

People would always—and I mean always—ask me if I have feelings for my guy bestfriend. No. And never will I want us to be in that kind of relationship. Why? Continue reading




Image Toni Gonzaga as Ginny and Piolo Pascual as Marco in a scene from ‘Starting Over Again.’ Screen capture from movie trailer.

“Do we still have a second chance?  Naniniwala ka rin ba na (do you also believe)our love story deserves a better ending?”  And with that, Ginny (portrayed by Toni Gonzaga) turns the world of her ex-boyfriend Marco (Piolo Pascual) askew in the box-office hit movie ‘Starting Over Again.’

After four years, Ginny returns to Manila from Barcelona, and discovers that Marco has moved on.  He’s in a wonderful relationship with Patty (Iza Calzado).  To make the blows harsher, Patty turns out to be kind, smart, successful and, yes, “kamukha ni (looks like) Mama Mary.”  Life is indeed unfair.

Do we still have a second chance?  It’s a line, perhaps, that has been replayed many times in your mind when you think of your ex.  You might even…

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Choosing The Right Browser For Your Computer

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If I make a survey about which browser you think is the best, for sure most people will say Google Chrome. There is no doubt about Google Chrome’s performance. I myself say it’s one of or if not the fastest web browser there is. But of course, even Google Chrome has its flaws. Based on my experience, Chrome eats up a lot of RAM. I’m not a techy person or an IT, but if you check your task manager, you’ll get what I’m talking about. I own a netbook; Windows 7 Starter, 32-bit with a 2GB RAM and has no video card. It’s not the best laptop, so the best web browser is not fit for my netbook. I did some research about lightweight web browsers. I found a lot, but also found out that more of them are out-dated and it doesn’t support most websites. I found 6 web browsers that you might want to consider using or stop using.

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Nick Carraway: An Unreliable Narrator

The story of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is about a man, named Nick Carraway, who moved to Long Island’s North Shore to work as a government corporate-bond trader at Wall Street. He is the neighbor of a very wealthy and popular man, named Jay Gatsby—who is deeply and hopelessly in love with Nick’s second cousin, Daisy. However, Daisy is already married and has a family with Tom Buchanan—a famous polo player. The novel is simply a love story; it is a story of a hopeless romantic in love with a woman whom he will never have again. With the lack of morality and unrestrained materialism of the people around him, Nick had witnessed the gift of hope of Jay Gatsby and the evils within New York City.

The whole story is narrated by Nick Carraway, who had close experiences with both Gatsby and Daisy. Everything in the story is only the collection of Nick Carraway’s perception on various issues, his opinions of them, and the thoughts he had racing during the experience. Looking at the way Nick narrated the story, it can be ascertained that Nick Carraway is biased to Gatsby throughout the story, in such a way that the accounts are very much one-sided as opposed to it being an impartial reminiscence of his past.

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Visit To The National Museum Of The Philippines

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The National Museum of the Philippines was established in 1901 as history and ethnographic museum in the Philippines. It is the official repository located at P.Burgos St., Manila; right next to Rizal Park.

There are 2 buildings in this museum. First is the National Art Gallery. There are 11 rooms in this building. This building is where the famous paintings and sculptures are preserved. Most of the art works in these building are historic. The second building is the Museum of the Filipino People. This building consists of the anthropological and archaeological things.

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“Yoga Body”: The Conspiracy

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body divine yoga

I thought I’d said all I wanted on body image and yoga in my last post but controversy in the yoga world regarding a certain video has left me feeling I didn’t say nearly enough. Or say it clearly enough. So let me try again.

The taut and toned ‘yoga body’ on display in the media marketplace is a lie. It is NOT obtained from a regular yoga routine (as many would have you believe) – no , its obtained at the price of constant work, a Herculean effort to burn calories, and a saintly denial of carbs.

The implication that rippling abs can be yours with a couple of yoga classes a week is obviously motivated by profit. It is the creation of yoga studios who want you to buy more classes, and of corporations who want you to buy all the necessary yoga accoutrements your ‘yoga body’ needs…

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Starvation Diet Never Works…For Me At Least

Well, it’s been a long time since I last wrote an entry and I realized that my blog’s starting to die because of that. I thought it’s just about time that I write again. Thing is, I had no idea what to write about. Anybeans, I thought of writing about my “diet” or let’s say, my way of “living healthy”.

In my opinion, the whole crash or starvation diet thing is not—and is never—a good thing.

Back in high school, I used to be a chubby little girl. Reason for this was because I would eat a loaf of bread in one sitting while watching my favorite cartoons late at night. I’d also drink a lot of coffee (reason why I stay up late to watch TV). I’d eat a bowl of rice for dinner. See where I’m getting at? Back in high school, I was not really mindful of what I am eating. I weighted around 110 pounds (mind you that my height is just 4’9, so my BMI was close to being overweight).

In college, I decided to join the cheerleading team. I didn’t know it was going to require a lot of weight losing. My coach wanted me to become a flyer (the ones they throw and lift), but because of my weight, he just made me a dancer. I was required to lose 20 pounds before the competition. Meaning, from 110 lbs, I have to be 90 lbs. Of course I lost weight, but that’s because my coach asks me to pay 100 pesos every week I gain or not lose weight. So yeah, I’m not gonna pay him shit just because of my weight, so might as well just do lose.

I tried all kinds of diets just for that. And most of them involved starving myself. NOW, I’m here to tell you guys why what I did was a bad idea—a REALLY bad idea.

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“I think you just have your period”: Every Guys Solution

I’ve  been described as the grumpy cat—the girl who is a fan of cats and that very grumpy most of the time. I hate how my guy friends or even my boyfriend tells me that the reason why I’m off mood is because I have my period. It annoys me how this has become their everyday excuse for me. It’s not like I have my period everyday. I hate how they always say that I’m just PMS-ing, that’s why I’m mad or off mood. Did it ever occur to them that I am not in the mood for a reason?

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