“I think you just have your period”: Every Guys Solution

I’ve  been described as the grumpy cat—the girl who is a fan of cats and that very grumpy most of the time. I hate how my guy friends or even my boyfriend tells me that the reason why I’m off mood is because I have my period. It annoys me how this has become their everyday excuse for me. It’s not like I have my period everyday. I hate how they always say that I’m just PMS-ing, that’s why I’m mad or off mood. Did it ever occur to them that I am not in the mood for a reason?

I found on Google the term  Gaslighting. It is a term that’s derived from the movie Gas Light. It’s a form of mental abuse in which a person tells false information to mess up with your memory. Telling a girl that she’s off because she has her period is a form of gasligthing. And I think this is a guys way of running away from the problem instead of solving it. “You’re only like that because you’re PMS-ing”, boom, the girls starts to think that he may be right. It’s annoying. Having period is bad enough for us girls.

I’m sorry if this is not making any sense at all. I’m just so sick and tired of hearing this excuse from almost all guys.


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