20 Reasons Why We Are Best Friends

Me (left) and my BFF Nicole (right)

That’s me and my best friend, Nicole. We’ve been friends since high school. I was a transferee from an all-girls private high school, while she was a loyal student of my new school since kinder 1. The first time we met was the first time I had to commute going home because my school bus broke down. She was bus-mates with one of the first people I made friends with in school, Camille. Camille decided to go home with me, since I’m new to the whole commuting thing. Nicole, Camille and I were on the same jeep. Camille introduced me to Nicole, and the three of us chatted and laughed the whole trip going home. My mom decided that I stop riding the school bus because I’m already in high school, and the whole riding with Nicole and Camille became an everyday thing.

My friendship with Camille is another story, and I’m here to talk about my best friend Nicole. Nicole and I are very different. Our life stories are very different from each other. Our interests and perspective in life are also very different. Even our attitudes are different. This is why I’m always asked by people why am I best friends with her. I have so many reasons to give why she’s my best friend, but I’d love to share to you guys 20 reasons.

1. We can be crazy together and not care about what others are thinking

From walking home to school—a supposedly 1 hour ride to a 2 hours and 30 minutes walk—to getting drunk and humiliating ourselves in public. No matter how crazy and embarrassing it is, at the end of the day, we just laugh it out and have another amazing memory added in our lives.

2. No secrets. We tell each other anything and everything.

No matter how bad it is, our secrets doesn’t change the fact that we’re still best friends. We’re both open to listen to each other’s secrets and stories.

3. We’re both not afraid to speak our mind.

No matter how much the truth hurts, and no matter how much we hate to tell each other what we think, we both say it anyway. For us this is a good thing. At least we both know that both of us has the guts to be actually true to each other. And we both know that we both just want to help each other through whatever issues we’re going through.

4. We have the weirdest sense of humor.

We’ll laugh at almost anything we’d find laughable, even if it’s not.

5. We give that “Are you thinking what I’m thinking” look to each other

We all have this moment with our BFFs. With just one look, you guys already know what the other is thinking. And most, or if not all the time, it’s always something you both agree on.

6. We have the weirdest conversations

The weirdest conversations with your BFF are the best conversations.

7. “Bros before hoes” applies to us

No man can come between our strong friendship. My best friend and I came to that point where we both liked one guy. Of course it can’t be helped that we both fought about this, but in the end, it’ll always be my BFF over a guy. But then again, sometimes the guy who really likes you is liked by your BFF. To the BFF, you just have to understand that they both like each other and that you should be happy for the both of them. You’ll find your guy some day.

8. I can just barge in my BFFs house as if I live there

If my dorm is my second home, my school as my third home, then it’s my best friend’s house as my fourth home. It’s funny how the guards no longer block my way to ask me which house I’m visiting (because my best friend lives in a private subdivision). I just go straight to her house, chill there, and eat as if I’m the one who bought the groceries. The best part of it is that she doesn’t get mad that much. Just a little! Haha!

9. My best friend gives the best fashion tips

It is from best friend that I learned how to dress like a lady. Back when we were in high school, I had the weirdest fashion taste. I’d wear big shirts, leggings, and sneakers. Ick. I also had the weirdest hair styles. Well, up until now, I still have a weird hair style but it is way more decent than before. It was my best friend you fixed the way I look. She told me what dresses suits me best and what accessories to use. Now, before I go to a special occasion, I would always first consult my best friend about what and what not to wear.

10. She’s got my back, and I got hers

Whenever my best friend gets into a fight with some bitch, no matter how shallow it is, I’m always there to back her up. I’m always there to give her advice or I’m there with her to bash at whoever’s on her way. In return, she does the same for me. And whenever she defends me, she means it. She will really bitch at you if you do something bad to me.

11. “We’re in this together”

Whatever obstacle we encounter, we’re always there for each other. We’re always there to help one another. No one gets left behind.

12. She’s my partner in crime

We do anything and everything together.

13. Distance does not change anything

My best friend and I got into different colleges. She got into a college near the south, while I got into a college up north. Because my school is far away, I had to stay in a dormitory with a good friend of mine. Even though we’re both far from each other, and even though we made new friends from our college, it didn’t change the fact that she and I are still BFFs. Sometimes it’s depressing that we don’t get to see each other often or even talk to each other, but when there’s a chance, we grab it. And every time we see each other, we enjoy each and every minute of it.
We still keep in touch. Which is why even though we’re so far from each other, we’re still update about one another’s life.

14. We can call each other names without taking it as an insult

We can call each other “bitch”, “stupid”, “idiot”, “loser”, etc. without hurting each other’s feelings. What’s funny is that if anybody else does this to us, it’s considered and insult. Haha!

15. We can’t stand fighting with each other.

It breaks our hearts whenever we have a fight and not mind each other. It’s like a mental murder for us.

16. She accepts me for who I am, and I do the same to her

It didn’t matter to her if I am a major weirdo. It didn’t matter to me also if she can be really crazy sometimes. It’s what made our friendship so interesting. We were both different.

17. She’s a twin sister from another mother

We treat each other like sisters. We love each other like how sisters do.

18. We that “OMG! Me too!” moment

“I have my period today.”
“OMG! Me too!”

“I failed the test…”
“OMG! Me too!”

“I hate her.”
“OMG! Me too!”

You get the picture.

19. She’s smart, pretty, and independent. She’s my best friend.

She’s the friend I will always brag about. I tell everyone I know about her because I’m one heck of a proud friend.

20. She’s the best-est, most amazing friend anyone could ever have.

I actually had a really hard time writing this post because there are so many reasons why I’m best friends with Nicole. So many that limiting it to 20 became a hard task. To sum it all up, I’m just really grateful for being best friends with one of the most amazing people I’ve met. Love ya, BFF! :*


DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the gifs

2 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why We Are Best Friends

  1. Hello I’m just a stranger visting your blog by chance ^_^ and I have to say that I’m really impressed by your friendship, I mean it’s so real =)) I used to have a best friend but sadly our friendship doesn’t last forever like we wish. Reading your post reminds me of the best memories about her, how we had fun, how we enjoy life together, not anymore 😦 We’re not completely open to each other like you so I’m really jealous of u two ^^ You have such adorable friendship and I wish it would be longlasting ^_^ Thank you for the post anyway

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