Koi’s First Birthday!


Hi, guys! I know I don’t normally post stuff like this, but today’s a really special day for me and I really want to share to you guys about it.

Today is my cat’s first birthday!

Her name is Koi. She was named after the fish because of her color pattern. She used to be owned by my good friend, Ate Celine. She and her boyfriend found her on their anniversary. She was a survivor of the very strong typhoon back in August 7, 2012. The reason why Ate Celine gave it to me was because her family was going back to the Philippines to visit her, and they’re not really okay with her having a dog and a cat living in one place.

Koi Fish

Ate Celine gave her to me on April 9, 2013—exactly 4 months from now!

The reason why Koi is so special to me is because Koi isn’t like the other cats. She’s so easy to potty train, so playful, naturally chubby, naturally cute. I’ve never loved a cat this much since my first loyal cat back in 2002. She’s now part of the family—so she is treated like one.


You can share your cat story here if you want. I’m happy to read about it 😀


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