How To Keep Your Woman Happy

In my LIT103 class, we were asked to advice Mr. Mallard—a character from the short story A Story of An Hour by Kate Chopin—about how to keep a happy relationship. I ended up listing things a guy should do to keep his woman happy. I made my professor read it and she said it was like reading a magazine post. Nonetheless, I’d love to share to you guys what I wrote for my LIT103 class 🙂

1. Make your woman feel like it’s always your honeymoon.
Never stop being sweet to each other. Both of you may be very busy, but at the end of the day, always make sure that you have time for each other.

2. Give your woman a surprise kiss from time to time.
Ladies love a surprise kiss from the guy the love. It makes if feel like she’s in a movie (that’s how I felt when my guy gave me a surprise kiss). Always be affectionate to your woman. Always make her happy. Make her feel like she’s in a romantic movie from time to time. It will excite her and it will make your relationship more exciting.

3. Compliment your woman.
It always feels good for a woman to be complimented. It boosts up her self-esteem. A woman tries her best to look pretty or beautiful for her man, and the best reward she’s get is a compliment from her man.

4. Always Be honest.
A woman can be really paranoid at times, and sometimes she will question your loyalty. It’s best that you show your girl that you are trustworthy. The only way to do that is by being honest to her—like how she is honest with you.

5. Take her out on a date from time to time.
Make her feel like it’s your first date again. It will make the both of you feel younger. Reminisce the stupid things you did together. Always leave a night for just the two of you.

6. Avoid talking about your past relationship/s.
May it be an ex-girlfriend or an ex-wife, avoid talking about your past relationships (even flings). Some women feel insecure when their guy talks about his past relationships. Some will think that you still have feelings for them.

7. Be a family guy.
If you’re going for a long-term relationship or have plans on settling down, always keep in mind that women love men who are family oriented. Some like men who are “husband and father material”. No one wants a bad father and a bad husband for her family.

8. Be patient with your woman.
Women are known for their constant mood swings. They will get mad at everything—including you—for no apparent reason. Now, it is your duty to be extra patient with her. She won’t be always moody anyway, so just wait for her to be extra sweet to you like how you’ve been extra patient with you.

I would always get pissed off at Gab for shallow reasons. Sometimes I’d blame the heat, my busy schedule, and everything. What gab does is that he becomes really patient with me. He says sorry even if he knows he didn’t do anything wrong. At the end of the day, I’d realize that I’ve been really mean to him and I make up for it by being extra sweet to him.

9. Treat your woman like a queen.
You are her king as she is your queen. But that does not mean one is superior from another. You are a team like how a queen help her king and vice versa. Make your woman feel like she’s something special—because she is and she should be.

10. Love her like no other.
Love her will all your heart, mind, and soul. When you truly love you woman, the rest will follow. Your relationship will be happy as how it is supposed to be because that’s the sole reason why we love—to be happy. Make sure to it that way.


For the ladies, never forget that in a relationship, it takes two to make it work. So don’t let the guys do all the work. You must repay their efforts with something special. Love is TEAM WORK, it is never a one-man show. I guarantee you that is the two of you works hard for your relationship, it will be happy—an indescribable kind of happiness.


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