Lego In Everything

Lego is a popular construction toy. It consists of plastic bricks that have different sizes and shapes, and when put together, it creates all sorts of figures.

Lego City

Today, Lego is not only used for construction games but is now used for fashion.

Lego now can be used for all sorts of things. Here are some things which uses Lego now:

  • Gadgets
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Bags

Lego Camera

Lego Walkie-Talkie

Lego Wrist Watch

Lego Backpack

Lego Heels

The Lego Fashion

Cool right? I have a friend who is a big Lego fan and she goes to school wearing a Lego watch, Lego earrings, and Lego backpack. She also has a Lego pen and a Lego planner. It’s very cute. If you have the same passion as my friend, don’t be shy to post and share it here! 😀


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