15 Reasons Why “Spring Breakers” Disappointed Me

Four best friends—Brit (Ashley Benson), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Cotty (Rachel Korine), and Faith (Selena Gomez)—living in one boring college dorm wanted to get away and have fun in Florida on their Spring break. Because of their hunger for fun and adventure, 3 of the girls (Brit, Candy, and Cotty) decided to rob a diner to get some money for their getaway. Faith was excluded from the crime because she’s suppose to be the “good girl” in the group.

They went to Florida to party, get drunk, get laid, and get high. The place where they always party got raided, and they were taken away to jail.

They got bailed by a gangster who took them and made them his so-called “Charlies Angels”—only they rob and kill people. Faith again, was not part of it because she’s suppose to be the “good girl” in the story. In the last part of they movie, Alien (James Franco), Cotty, and Candy, killed Aliens best friend because he shot Brit on the shoulders. Alien got shot in the head, but the two girls continued their mission.

Sounds like an interesting movie, right? Or is it just because the casts of the movie are hot?

What made me want to watch the movie is the trailer. It seemed so cool and interesting. Also because Selina Gomez, James Franco and Vanessa Hugens were there, and their roles are so different from their usual.

I haven’t reached 30 minutes of the movie and I already got disappointed. I have 15 reasons for this.

1. The plot sucks
It’s just about four shallow college bffs that want to party hard, get drunk, get high, and get laid.

2. It’s so messed up
All I see in the movie are lots of tongue, sex, drugs, partying, and killing.

3. The script is not well written
In the movie, they just keep repeating what they’re saying. It’s like watching a rap video.

4. It’s like they never change their clothes
Half of the movie, the four girls are only wearing their bikinis, and James Franco looked so different.

5. The editing sucks
You’ll get dizzy watching the movie.

6. The ending sucks
I don’t want to spoil but seriously, the ending sucks and is very disappointing. It’s so disappointing that you’ll say “What the f—-” at the end of the movie.

7. Too much party scenes
I felt like I went to a messed up beach party while watching.

8. Too many boobs
…too many boobs

Selena was out of the movie at the half part of the movie 😦

10. The plot sucks
Did I mention this already? Oh wait, I did. Well, I’ll just say it again just to put more emphasis on how I dislike the plot so much.

11. The movie never showed what happened to them after they left Florida.
I felt like there’s something lacking in the movie (or is it just me)

12. How come it’s okay for their mothers to know that they went away to Florida without permission?
Did they even wonder how they got the money? Tsk tsk. Bad parenting.

13. The robbery scene sucks
They just cussed at the people and pointed a fake gun at them. Plus they were only wearing a shirt, underwear and a mask. Who the hell robs a diner wearing that?

14. I expected a lot from the movie.
Well, that’s because they hired a really good cast, and the trailer really sold it.

15. What the f— did I just watch?
It was mostly about partying, money, and sex. I know it tried to give out a message to the youth, but I don’t think they did it right. For me, it even encouraged them to be like that since they’ll think partying, getting laid and high are cool—since that’s what the girls have been doing. I wish they also put importance in the consequences. Although it was shown in the movie, I think it needed some more emphasis. Nonetheless, the movie really disappointed me.
No offense, but watching it was a complete waste of my time.

I think the guys will like it since they won’t really go for the plot; they’d go for the casts.

If you’re curious about the movie, go ahead and watch it. I won’t tell you to not watch it because maybe you’ll like the movie. I’m just warning you guys so that you won’t expect a lot from it. You might get disappointed like I did.


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