13 Things Men Need To Stop Saying

Thought Catalog

“My ex is crazy”

Your ex is absolutely not an actual crazy person, and if she is, you should probably think of a kinder way to say it. You are the kind of person who writes off people they used to care deeply about as mentally deficient. It’s not a far leap to assume you were probably an asshole to her and then didn’t like when she had a proportionate reaction.

“I want a girl who takes care of herself/I want a girl who is healthy”

Does not mean this literally. This means “I want a girl who is slender” and not “I would like someone who has gone to therapy and worked through their emotional issues.” All means of taking care of yourself/being healthy are not equal.

“You’re overanalyzing”

I’ve never understood this statement. What does over thinking even mean? Isn’t thinking a good thing? Furthermore, if I have…

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