Dancing With The Stars

Last Monday (April 15, 2013), AB Dance Synergy together with CASA Footworks and some Juvenile Dance Crew members were hired to dance for Pediatrica’s Ceelinphony of Music. We were asked to blend in with the guests and create a flash mob that will promote the new product of Ceelin.

I enjoyed the flash mob because it was a success. The guests even thought those who pretended to be waiters were really waiters. It’s really funny. I pretended to be in line for the photobooth and people actually thought I was a doctor. After the mob dance people commended our performance. It was such a glorious feeling.
Dean Gales (a member of Juvenile Dance Crew) and I were assigned to dance for Sheryn Regis’ “Come On In Out Of The Rain.” We prepared a contemporary ballet dance number for her song and Ms.Sheryn Regis liked it. She commended and thanks us for our presentation when she and I were in the bathroom. She’s such a lovely person; very kind. I’ll edit this post once my friend uploads a good copy of our dance.

There were so many guest artist for that night. There was Eric Santos, Arnel Pineda, Marc Nelson, Sheryn Regis, and Yeng Constantino. They were all very stunning especially Yeng Constantion and Marc Nelson. They are so good looking. I’m very happy that I got to have pictures with some of them.
With Marc Nelson
With Yeng Constantino and Sheryn Regis
With Arnel Pineda
After the event, our team decided to have an after-party at Harbor Square. We turned the lifeless bar (because it was a Monday night and no one parties on a Monday night), into a dance floor.Once we danced, the other people started dancing and mingling with us. Of course, I have a boyfriend and I love him very much, I just stayed put and watched the others mingle.
It was Kuya Arty, Ate Joh and I, who took care of our drunk teammates. It’s tiring but it was really funny. It was one hell of a night.
This is by so far the best performance I’ve done. I’ve been paired with a really great dance partner and I was with one of the best dance crews in UST. We did really well that random people in the bathroom with commend me and my partner. One lady even gave me her calling card.
I hope this year will be a good year for my dancing career. It’s been, by so far, a good start because opportunities are just coming to us little by little.
Thank you Pediatrica and Unilab for the opportunity! 
Let our dance and God be in Synergy and all the other dancers!

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