Eating Disorders? Why Not Just Live Healthy?

Girls, we all know actresses back in our childhood who had a drastic weight loss when they grew older. Well, first there’s Hilary Duff, who became famous because of her Disney show Lizzie Mcguire; there’s also Anne Hathaway, who became famous because of her Disney movie Princess Diaries; we also have the Mary Kate Olsen, one of the Olsen twins. Who would not know the Olsen twins? They’re awesome! There’s of course, Lindsay Lohan, who was well known for her Disney movie Parent Trap. I can come up with a very long list of actresses, but no. I wanna discuss how they managed to lose that much weight. But before that, let me show you some of their before-and-afters.
Anne Hathaway (2012)
Anne Hathaway (2001)
Hilary Duff during (2001)
Hilary Duff (2005)
Mary Kate Olsen (2004)
Mary Kate Olsen (2002)
See how much they’ve lost weight? I did some research on how my favorite artists lost so much weight. Some were good, but most were bad.
Let’s talk about the bad ways of losing weight, shall we?
Let’s talk about Karen Carpenter first. If you guys don’t know her, she’s a really famous singer back in the 1970s. She was chubby when she first entered the music industry. Well, not really chubby. She just had a baby face. Anyways, she thought she was fat because of one review that said she was chubby. She thought she might need to lose some weight. She suffered under anorexia nervosa, which became the cause of her cardiac arrest. At the same time, she drinks ipecac—an over-the-counter medicine that people take to throw-up when they accidentally take-in poison. She used it to throw-up whatever she eats—making her bulimic. She also drank laxatives—these are normally taken for people who are constipated. She died at the age of 32 in her parents home. Another famous person who became a victim of anorexia norvosa is Mary Kate Olsen. She was rumored to weigh 80 lbs. In 2004, she checked-in at a rehabilitation program for anorexia nervosa treatment. She gained 7 lbs after her release. In 2007, Mary Kate Olsen was hospitalized for kidney infection. Same goes to Hilary Duff. She had a drastic weight loss due to anorexia and bulimia. She went from being a healthy normal girl to a stick-curvy figure. There are many girls—not just famous actresses or models—who are or were victims of anorexia nervosa or bulimia.
Why do they do it? Well, statistics say that most causes of eating disorders are the following:

– Low Self-esteem; mostly caused by media’s image of an ideal body type.
– Depression
– The need to control—for some people, they think they cannot control things that being able to control weight will actually make them good, at least. 
– Insecurities
– Being bullied in the past
– Stress
– Expectations of others

How will you know that a person is suffering from an eating disorder?

– Obsessive Compulsiveness—measures calories and fats of every food intake
– Afraid to eat in public
– Goes to the comfort room right after eating
– Wears baggy clothes to “hide the fats”
– Self-hating
– Thinks that she’s too fat, when in fact she’s so skinny already
– Drinks a lot of water to forget about the hunger
– Excessive Workouts
– Plays with food instead of eating it to make it seem like she is

We all know that this is a really bad way of losing weight. You’ll lose so much weight that you won’t even look that attractive anymore. Also, learn to love your body. That’s the only body you’ll ever have, so better take good care of it. To put more emphasis on why you should take care of your body and not be anorexic or bulimic, I’m gonna show some of the side effects of having an eating disorder.
Here are some side effects of having an eating disorder:
– weakness in the body
– lose bowel
– abdominal pains
– dry skin
– weak immune system
– very irregular menstruation cycles
– weak bones
– heart problems
– kidney problems
– low brain performanceIf an person suffering from an eating disorder does not seek help, it will eventually result to early death.
So please, do seek for help if you are suffering from an eating disorder. It’s for your own good. It doesn’t have to be a doctor, just have someone to talk to. After that, that’s when you go to the doctors and ask for medications.

Losing weight is never easy. It requires a person to work for it. That means exercise. A 30 minute exercise in the morning and in the evening will do. Drink lots of water, and only water. Eat healthy. That means you need more fruits and vegetables. Yoga is a really helpful in losing weight. It does not only make you sweat, but it also enhances flexibility and relaxes the mind. A lot of celebrities do yoga now, and it really shows in them how much it is helpful. Madonna is very well known for being a yoginis, and look at how healthy she is! At the age of 54, she still looks really great! My mother is 48 and she looks older than Madonna :))

Here are some famous celebrity yoginis:

Rachel McAdams
Drew Barrymore
Ellen Degeneres
Emma Watson
Jennifer Aniston
If you don’t enjoy doing yoga, there are many ways of exercising the body! You can do sports or dance. Just always remember to keep a healthy lifestyle, and in return, you will have a long, happy and healthy life.
Love your body! It’ll be your only body. If you don’t love and take good care of it, how will the others do?I’d like to end this entry with Zooey Dechannel’s secret to a healthy life and a nice and fit body figure.

“I don’t workout to become skinny; I workout because I want to be healthy.”
— Zooey Deschannel



One thought on “Eating Disorders? Why Not Just Live Healthy?

  1. I liked your ideas here, and I agree that eating healthy is the better alternative over distorted eating. But eating healthy isn’t an alternative to having an eating disorder; with someone facing an eating disorder, the first alternative normally is to focus less on “eating healthy,” due to America’s dieting culture and it’s association between “health” and “weight loss.” To find alternatives to distorted eating, not alternatives to having eating disorders, normally comes by seeking treatment. Beyond that, changing our cultural values from simply “losing weight,” to “being healthy” is what can become an option, instead of an eating disorder, for those at risk.
    Also, anorexia, which is what you’ve described, isn’t the only eating disorder. The other two most common are bulimia and binge eating disorder, which are the most common, and because both of those disorders often not leading to weight loss, many people with eating disorders aren’t thin. Okay article, just some thoughts.

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