Pulling Off An All Nighter

     As a college student,I know how it feels to fight sleepiness. I know how it feels to stay up late at night because you have so many handouts to read, so many requirements to finish, and so many exams to study for. Problem is, we’re human beings and our body is required to sleep in order to charge and regenerate the cells in the body. In english, that means, we need to sleep.
     I’m not saying that sleep is the enemy. In pulling off an all-nighter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have 0% sleep. All you need to do is to budget your time, eat right, and drink right.


  • Make sure you alot enough time in the given task
  • Set an alarm so that you’ll know it’s time to do the other tasks on your list
  • Also, set an alarm 15 mins before so that you’ll be aware of the time and be motivated to do the task as quickly as possible.


  • The body will require sugar to keep you going, so better eat dinner if you don’t want to feel hungry in the middle of the night.
  • If your body requires for food intake, eat fruits. Fruits are rich in sugar and at the same time it won’t really be a problem with weight gain. This is because fruits are hard to digest, therefore, you won’t be really eating a lot of these, and it will take time for you to get hungry again.
  • DON’T EAT JUNK FOOD. Nothing’s good with eating junk food. There are no nutrients in junk food and it’s only full of gas and it will only make you sleepy.
  • AVOID ORDERING FAST FOOD; DON’T EAT HEAVY. Eating a heavy meal at the middle of the night will only make you sleepy. Your body will be tired from the digestion and it will cause you to feel sleepy. Sleeping with a full stomach is very bad for the body.


  • NO ALCOHOL. Alcohol deteriorates brain cells. If you drink while studying, there are great chances that you will forget all about it the next day. It will also cause you to feel sleepy and have head aches.
  • If you prefer drinking coffee as your stimulant, remember that coffee intake is only good for 3-5 cups a day. Taking too much can cause diarrhea, drowsiness, palpitation, and hypertension
  • Drink lots of water. Our body is basically made out of mostly water. Drinking water will help the brain juice up and the body to keep going. Also, the need to urinate will keep you awake! ☺
  • You can also try drinking hot coco or green tea.
  • Softdrinks can also be a good help since it has caffeine.

Also, if your eyes feel like dropping, try washing your face to keep you awake. Also, try doing a few push ups to boost you up. You can also try meditating to concentrate yourself.
     Don’t over study. Take a break, you don’t want to be over saturated on your exam day right?
     Lastly, SLEEP. Even naps will do, as long as you charge your body especially your brain. A 30 minute nap will do, but try sleeping for at least 2-3 hours

Don’t forget to eat heavy breakfast the next day and drink your vitamins



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