Study Tip For Students With Ineffective Professors

  This week is my finals week. 

It’ll be my last exam as a sophomore college student, so I better study well for the exams. 
It’s do-or-die now!

One problem though…

Most of my professors don’t come to class as often as they should, and that’s a problem because they don’t get to discuss or even just give what will be covered in the exams. 
     I’m having a hard time with Statistics, Biology and Philippine History because it’s either the topic is not well explained or the professor never comes to class (hmmm…sounds like my Bio prof)
     If there is one thing that I learned in my two years of college is that, not everything will be spoon-fed. You’ll have to learn how to work on your own–self-sufficiency as to what my other professors would call it. 
     But I tell you this, self-studying is not never easy. You have to do a lot of cross referencing, read a lot of books, google a lot, read a lot of PDFs, etc. What’s hard about this is that sometimes you can’t explain what is written; you’d sometimes still need an experts’ explanation. This is where I got the idea of looking for lecture videos
     Lecture videos are really helpful–for me, at least–because they are explained by real professors or intelligent students. They give examples and explain the answers briefly.
     If you have the same dilemma as I do, here’s a tip: look for lecture videos, grab your handouts, and pretend that you’re having class. This is effective for me because the lecturer from the video will be able to explain what I am reading in my handouts. It’s like you have a virtual professor!
     A warning though, be wise with the video that you’re choosing. Some videos give out wrong information and that’ll not really help you out with the exam. Also, you’ll have to learn how to manage your time because some videos will take an hour or so. 
    I got to review for my Bio exams and it also helped me out in my Statistics class. Try it! It might be of good help to you as well! 🙂

Here’s a playlist of the lecture I used for my Anatomy study:


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